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02, Stark’s first perfume

October 31, 2014

Can you smell it?

This is the scent of healthy, non-toxic, living, luxurious perfumes.

On October 22nd, our first Huile de Parfum will finally be available.

Natural perfumery is an art-form. It takes patience, imagination, love and commitment. It takes having the ability to “see” scents, to be able to imagine how they “look” layered one upon another, and learning when to freely use intuition as your guide and when to use a whole lot of restraint. It is painting on an invisible canvas, composing music that is heard all at once, then lingers for hours.

Natural perfumes, as I have come to learn, really are living works of art. They change and morph with time, they have unique personalities and express themselves differently depending on the company present. They are like people; complex and therefore imperfect, beautiful and interesting.

This rich personality created by these ancient resins and precious oils that have been coveted for thousands of years, simply cannot be replicated with synthetics. This is why in creating these perfumes, I took the utmost care of each ingredient, it’s sourcing, integrity, treatment and how it is presented in the perfume itself. I feel these perfumes are born, not made. They are creations, not products.

Stark’s Huile de Parfum are “100% bio”, French for organic perfume oil. (French having a rich perfume history, coupled with my background… couldn’t resist!) Our perfume oils are a blend of  pure essential oils, concretes, C02 extractions and absolutes in a skin-nourishing base of organic camellia sinensis seed oil (green tea), jojoba and coconut oil. They are bottled in violet-black glass, which has been used since Ancient Egypt because of the way the glass allows light to enter, natural oils actually get better with age.  They are also wrapped in unique packaging…no two bottles are quite alike!

My first Huile de Parfum offering, pictured above, is called 02. It is a deep, mysterious scent inspired by my travels last winter to both the Middle East and Europe. A mixture of ancient incense, with a comforting warmth that clings to scarves and hair, the precious woods of Oud and Sandalwood that compliment skin beautifully, and the warm breeze of terracotta patios with potted basil and blood-red orange trees, basking in the sun. Right in the middle of the perfume is a little surprise, perched in a tree! Can you guess what it is?

I know my excitement about this launch is probably quite palpable. I have a lot to say about perfume and I am very passionate about natural perfuming, and I want you to be part of this journey with me.

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