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"my old "all natural organic" cream felt like i was rubbing hotsauce around my eyes"

Hi Jess, 
i have been getting a ton of compliments on my skin the last while so i thought i should pass it on to you.  
I have sensitive/combination skin and have become a Grapefruit balm addict, using it as a cleanser, moisturiser, mask, lip balm and spot treatment for flaky skin. It's most valuable use those is soothing the skin around my eyes when Montreal winters get too harsh with me. Even my old "all natural organic" cream felt like i was rubbing hotsauce around my eyes, but GF is so good i sometimes rub some on before going outside. 
So yeah, thanks for that. Total convert.
Also, the other night my man told me in a sleepy voice " I like how you smell like fruit salad when you get into bed. Zestyyy..."
Sofia M.
Montreal, QC
December 20th, 2012

"thank you..."

Hello jessica! I wanted to tell you how AMAZING your products are!!! It's only been 3 weeks and my skin looks and feels incredible... So thank you for making such wonderful products.

Sabrina S. 
Montreal, QC

November 28th, 2012

"Best investment in a long time!" 

I received my order last Tuesday so I'm using the products for some days now. And I just want to say that I already love them!!! The are really great and the best I used in a long time. The smell of all products are wonderful, I love just smelling them.
The cleansing balm works great, it doesn't dry my skin but leaves my skin soft and clean.
The face oil is great: not greasy at all!!! And again the smell.....so natural, nothing chemical about it.
The toner is refreshing and the clay mask calms my skin while cleaning it deeply at the same time.
So, overall the best investment since a long time.

Martine H.
The Netherlands
Oct. 11, 2012

"I was tired of settling with my facial products."

I've only started using the whole shebang 2 days ago ( I got in on a whim because I was tired of settling with my facial products), and WOW my face looks and feels how facial skin SHOULD. It's clean and moisturized and glowing (not the shiny oily glowing ick). I'm pleasantly surprised at how moisturizing it is because my face can be flaky, dry, and rough. Not anymore! Thank you stark skincare!

Via Blog Comment
Sept. 6, 2012

"His skin became a mess..."

I've ordered the whole shebang twice now, and these products are fantastic! My husband loves the whole line as well. He has super dry skin and breaks outs as well. When using all the Stark products, his skin is well hydrated and no breakouts! His skin became a mess when we ran out of Stark and he even requested I get more! That's saying a lot because he is not at all into skincare. He uses the balm to cleanse, then the toner followed by the Cyprus oil.

I love the green tea mask, especially with Manuka honey. My husband and I use the mask 1-2 times per week. It does wonders to keep my pores clear and my skin feels so soft afterwards. I get the monthly hormonal breakouts, but I think the mask really helps the blemishes heal before they even get to the surface!

Thank you for these amazing products and I hope they will be more readily available in the States soon!

Allison W.
Davis, California
Sept. 26th, 2012

"I have battled Cystic Acne for what feels like forever now."

I am so beyond in love with the Grapefruit Cleansing Balm! I have battled Cystic Acne for what feels like forever now, and I have never used something that has worked so well on my face. Even after just a week, I noticed HUGE improvement with my skin. My boyfriend even noticed that my skin was glowing...without make up!" 
Anne C.
Ottawa, Ontario
July 12, 2012

"I had used the oil cleansing method in the past and wasn't totally sold on it."

 I had used the oil cleansing method in the past and wasn't totally sold on it. After trying a few other things (some less than "clean") I wound up using just straight coconut oil, which was working fine, but I really wanted to step it up a notch. I've been intrigued by your product since reading about it on No More Dirty Looks and something about the ingredients list for the balm just really resonated with me. 

Okay, so I've only used it twice so far, and some may say thats too early to tell if something is working or not, but I believe that our skin knows a good product as soon as it makes contact. And this [Grapefruit Cleanse + Hydrate Balm] made my skin very VERY happy! My skin was clear, soft, felt very clean but not tight, and just nice and smooth and toned. I actually didn't use any moisturizer last night when I went to bed and I woke up with even BETTER skin in the morning! Unheard of! 
So thank you - I've tried a lot of products recently looking for something that works (and won't, you know, give me cancer or send my hormones into overdrive) and now my search is over!

Sallie F.
Galveston, Texas
May 30th, 2012

"I just ordered my second batch!"

I just ordered my second batch of the cleanser and oil... [just wanted to say that] I love your products.  I think it is so awesome you make this stuff, and that it works, and that it is natural!

Congrats!  And thank you!
 Kathryn T.
Etobicoke, ON.
June 8, 2012

"My metalhead boyfriend asked me..."

I went backpacking in Iceland and still brought my GF balm. Used it as a moisturizer for the first time. I couldn't believe it when I heard my metalhead boyfriend ask me "do you have the balm close, my hands are so dry". You know this stuff rocks when...

Meggie G.
Montreal, QC.
June 12, 2012

"I've never used a cleansing balm and was worried how my acne-prone skin would react."

I received my products last week and wanted to wait to write to you but I just couldn't. I LOVE THEM. The whole routine is fantastic and luxurious and so much fun for a stressed-out student such as myself. I've never used a cleansing balm before and was a bit worried about how my acne-prone skin would react, but it was fantastic. My skin does not get oily during the day, nor does it get dry. I've had a few hormonal chin-pimples, but they have gone away extremely quickly with just the regular routine. All the products smell AMAZING (especially the cleansing balm and cy oil), and they are a perfect base for makeup in the morning! I've actually been going out without concealer or foundation, which never happens because I am super self-conscious about my uneven skin tone.

But my skin just looks so much better. I just wanted to thank you for answering all my questions before I purchased and for making such awesome products! I love that they are handmade in Montreal (by an Ottawa girl!) and I can tell they are super high-quality and will last me a long time. 

Thanks for making my face so happy :)

Alyssa M.
Ottawa, Ontario
April 4, 2012

"I have crazy mixed-up ginger skin."

I have crazy mixed-up ginger skin.  While some products work for a while, but the vast majority of anything (over the counter, prescription, you name it) eventually cause my skin to turn red and start peeling.  Additionally, I have never been able to find a moisturizer that doesn’t make me break out, and also doesn’t cause burning and redness.  My dermatologist once told me I was probably allergic to fragrances, but even the non-fragranced products made me break out, or made my skin start to peel off.

Then, last year, I experienced my first real winter.  Allow me to elaborate – I grew up in San Francisco, then moved to the South Island of New Zealand, where they have… weather.  It snows! … and things freeze.   This was all very new to me and my skin, as a result, after trying a wide variety of products and spending the winter in the heated indoors, next to the fire, then running around in the sun and the snow and the cold, my skin had not only completely broken out all over my jawline up to my hairline, my cheeks had truly started to crack open and peel.  Totally gross.  As a result, this year, I was going to find a decent moisturizer and not have my skin eat itself.  Enter [our mutual friend Melanie] who kindly allowed me to borrow some of her Stark products.  I was sold within days.  Thank you for the Cypress oil!!!  Dear Lord, it truly is the only moisturizer I have used that doesn’t make my skin peel, break out or do a variety of other weird things it has done over the years.  Additionally, my skin texture is WAY more uniform, WAY softer and generally clearer (in fact, my friend Krista recently told me it was “glowing.”)

Sara P.
Akaroa, New Zealand
July 8th 2012

No More Greaserectomies!

Being able to stand on a 100 degree new york city subway platform in the morning and not have to rush to perform an emergency grease removal procedure (aka a greaserectomy) the second i get to the office is a miracle worthy of a celebratory dance. Or at the very least a note of gratitude. Thank you for making products that literally have changed my skin overnight. Now what the hell do i do with the hundreds of bottles of other stuff i have lying around my bathroom?

Rachel K.
via Facebook

"I woke up with a different face!"

I got my gf balm and my cypress oil yesterday! I haven't used the balm yet because it's massively humid here (do you use it differently in hot weather?), but I used my oil and I woke up with a different face. I couldn't stop touching my skin this morning! I freaking used it once! So, just had to say thanks SO MUCH for the little bottle of magic Jessica! 

Briana C.
via Facebook