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What we believe in.

Simply put, Stark Skincare makes all-natural skincare, made for city life.

As the name implies, Stark stands for simplicity, purity and clarity.


We're blunt. We believe in baring everything, and for us that means complete honesty, transparency and creating the kind of company that we would prefer to buy from. We keep our ingredients pure and simple and our business practices sustainable.
Ok, it's almost that simple...

Here are some of our key principles:


• We believe that skincare shouldn’t be complicated, and that less is always more. We keep our ingredients lists short and sweet, with only beneficial ingredients and no “fillers”.
• Our products are multi-taskers, and often just one or two products are enough for every skincare need.
• Skincare routines using Stark products are simple, enjoyable and effective.

Quality Ingredients.

• We use only carefully selected natural, raw and organic ingredients that are pure enough to eat!
• Every ingredient is natural, most is organic, and many fair-trade ingredients are used. As our resources improve, so will the sustainability of our products.
• We never use any synthetic ingredients. Ever. This includes synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, surfactants, etc. We’re not against things made in labs, we just prefer natural stuff.
• Every ingredient is chosen for its reputable and tested benefits to skin.
• All ingredients are plant-derived, making Stark vegan and vegetarian  friendly. ( Safe for use on omnivores, too!)
• Stark products smell fantastic, thanks to quality essential oils (never fragrance oils!). We use essential oils that are beneficial both in their properties for skin and for their fresh scent.

The process.

• First, oodles of obsessive research and testing goes into every product sold. We choose ingredients for their benefits to skin before all else.
• Products are handmade in small batches (about every 4 weeks). We are diligent in in maintaining a high standard of production. Each product comes with extra love, at no cost!
• We do not use high heat while creating our products, which would compromise the quality of the ingredients.


• We do not test on animals, and neither do our suppliers. In fact, we're Leaping Bunny and PETA Certified!
• We strive to be as ecologically friendly as possible, which includes using recyclable (and reusable!) packaging, usually from specially-selected glass. When possible, we source our ingredients locally.
• Stark maintains transparency about what goes into our products. The ingredients lists are clear, and we are always willing to answer questions from our customers.
• We do not rely on misleading marketing to promote our products.
• Because we use safe ingredients derived from nature, our products are biodegradable.
• Although we cannot yet afford certification or purchasing of recognizable icons for our packaging and website (we prefer to invest in high-quality ingredients and sustainable packaging...and trust me these certifications are only affordable to BIG companies), our products are all-natural, mostly organic, often fair-trade (when available) local (when possible) and never tested on animals.