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Stark uses 100% natural ingredients to defy what city life does to skin.

Adult acne, eczema, "premature" ageing, dry patches and an oily chin...skin sure can be crazy. Did our ancestors have these problems? Ever stop to think what pollution, stress, late-nights, lack of fresh air and fresh food, not to mention artificial heat and air-conditioning is doing to your face? 

(I bet you are now.)

We choose natural ingredients that are high in antioxidants, that are gentle yet effective, and above all, that allow you to have the healthiest skin since that yoga retreat in the secluded jungle that left you all aglow.

We keep it fresh and real, always. 
You can count on this.

Stark Skincare

Stark means Simple, Basic and Pure.

Stark also means that we stand in stark contrast to a lot of things: conventional skincare, a toxic & artificial lifestyle and the idea that natural skincare needs to be boring or bland. We're not so into any of that stuff. We're also not into chemicals or abusing our skin for short-term benefits. That's just silly. We make products all your senses will love, that your skin will adore and with benefits that last.

Skin & the City.

So what's all the fuss about? Well, you wear your skin all day, every day. For the rest of your life. Shouldn't you two learn to get along? We think so. 

Over the past few decades, it has become de rigueur to  anoint skin in a toxic cocktail in order to defy gravity and time and to strip skin of its natural oils, as though these were the enemy.

At the same time, our environment has become harsher, more polluted and harder for our skin to deal with on its own, and yet we have continued to pour harsh ingredients onto our bodies. 

We have tried to fight the effects of a junk environment with a junk skincare routine, and although irrational, millions of people believe this is the only way to treat their skin.

There is a Better Way.

Using modern twists on traditional skincare regimes, Stark uses plant-derived oils, butters, clay and extracts to provide effective yet gentle solutions for city-ravaged skin. With a bounty of naturally occurring antioxidants, protective barriers, soothing botanicals and naturally exfoliating or cleansing extracts, skin not only feels and looks immediately healthier using Stark Skincare's all natural formulas, but the long-term benefits are equally remarkable.

Plants are Powerful.

Plants are efficient and well-made organisms that know how to adapt to the environment. They are resilient. They are beautifully complex and perfectly simple, producing some of the most fascinating environmental adaptations and creative survival and reproductive skills on the planet. What's more, they provide so much to humans, from nourishing our bodies to beautifying our skin and hair.  And, well, not to get all dramatic but plants will be here long after our cities are abandoned and we're long-gone, so um, all hail the plants!

Unprocessed. Completely Natural. Effective. Luxurious. Simple.

Using all plant-derived ingredients, the majority of which are organic and fair-trade, we believe that skin will finally breathe a sigh of relief. No more chemicals, no more abuse, just healthy, nutritious skincare! 

Stark Skincare products are made in small batches, here in Montreal, with a ton of love.